Entries with Business names starting with 'S'

One line summary: domain name registration, web space, and web site design.
Address line 1: -
City: Addingham
Postcode: -
One line summary: 5 minutes walk from Ilkley town centre, and from the Craiglands hotel and conference centre.
Address line 1: 5 Wheatley Road
City: Ilkley
Postcode: LS29 8TS
One line summary: Botox treatments and dermal fillers from an NHS approved clinic
Address line 1: Springs Medical Centre
Address line 2: Springs Lane
City: Ilkley
Postcode: LS29 8TQ
Country: GB
One line summary: Wrought Iron.Blacksmith.Metalwork.Sculpture.Light Fabrication.Welding.
Address line 1: Forge and Studio. Brick house Farm
Address line 2: East Busk Lane
City: Otley
Postcode: LS 21 1 DX
County: W.Yorkshire
Country: United Kingdom
One line summary: Quality Painter & Decorator
City: Addingham
Postcode: LS29 0NS
Address line 1: 16 Poplar Close
Address line 2: Burley In Wharfedale
City: Ilkley
Postcode: LS29 7RH
One line summary: The UK's largest specialist family law firm.
Address line 1: Offshoot House
Address line 2: 68 The Grove
City: Ilkley
Postcode: LS29 9PA‎
County: West Yorkshire
One line summary: DRIVING SCHOOL
Address line 1: Rosedene
Address line 2: 93 The Gills
Postcode: LS21 2BY
Country: United Kingdom
One line summary: Painting, hanging pictures, fitting curtain rails, building, changing locks.
Address line 1: 11 Oakburn Road
City: Ilkley
Postcode: LS29 9NN
One line summary: Sue Foster is qualified in Swedish Massage and in 'No-hands' Massage.
Address line 1: Ilkley Healing Centre
Address line 2: 8 Nelson Road
City: Ilkley
Postcode: LS29 8HN
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