Entries with Business names starting with 'B'

Address line 1: 24 Moorfield Road
City: Ilkley
Postcode: LS29 8BL
County: U.K.
Country: W. Yorkshire
One line summary: Professional Tiling Service
Address line 1: 35 Woodlands
Postcode: LS29 8LE
One line summary: Power and Carpet Cleaning Services for homes and business
Address line 1: 9 Moorland Avenue
Address line 2: Baildon
City: Bradford
Postcode: BD17 6RW
County: West Yorkshire
Country: England
Image: 1176_img
One line summary: Telecoms installation and maintenance
Address line 1: Heathcote
Address line 2: Kings Road
City: Ilkley
Postcode: LS29 9AS
One line summary: Professional balloon decorating for all kinds of event.
Address line 1: 16 Brook Street
City: Ilkley
Postcode: LS29 8DE
One line summary: A traditional real ale pub offering 6 ales and a wide choice of continental beers and wines.
Address line 1: 7 Cunliffe Road
City: Ilkley
Postcode: LS29
Address line 1: 9 Brook Street
City: Ilkley
Postcode: LS29 8AD
One line summary: Self catering
Address line 1: Barden Tower
Address line 2: Barden
City: nr Bolton Abbey
Postcode: BD23 6AS
One line summary: Guitar, Ukulele, Music Theory Tuition
Address line 1: Collyer View
City: Ilkley
Postcode: LS29 8NE
One line summary: Women's outdoor clothing and sportswear for running, cycling, walking, triathlon and the gym.
Address line 1: PO Box 289
City: Ilkley
Postcode: LS29 1EA
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