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Bandstand: Ilkley Bandstand 2000 Trust


The Bandstand is located in the centre of Ilkley. It is on the southern side of The Grove which is a picturesque tree lined street of elegant shops and is directly opposite Betty's famous tearooms. The Bandstand is surrounded by well kept gardens with permanent seating for those wishing to enjoy the performance.

Ilkley bandstand

It is available for use by musical groups of all kinds or any other suitable organisations. For example, Macmillan and Marie Curie Fund Raising events or Scout Parades. For those wishing to use this popular venue, please contact Martin Smith 01943 602178 0r 07748 931942.

Ilkley bandstand

The Bandstand was conceived as a millenium project by the two Rotary Clubs of Ilkley and completed in 2001. The site was generously donated by the Ilkley Abbeyfield Society and both organisations, together with Ilkley Parish Council retain a keen interest as Trustees. An active management committee of volunteers run the bandstand and gardens on a day to day basis. They aim to provide appropriate entertainment for residents and visitors alike.


Ilkley Bandstand bookings 2023 Programme             8 May      version 7**


18 and 19 March   Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal 8am to 6pm collectors base only           

29 April Sat     Route 65   rock                      11-14-30pm   

26 April Wed   Rock Choir                              4-30 to 5pm  

6 May   Sat     KING Charles III   CORONATION    

7 May   Sun               White Rose C Band               2-4pm                        

13 May Sat     Guiseley Jazz                           12-30-2pm     

13 May Sat   Ilkley bid crier comp             11-12-30 and 2-30 onwards

14 May Sun    Roots alive                             11-4pm                       

20 May Sat      B Rhydding Clarinets                        2-4pm                                     

21 May Sun     Bettys Bike race                     10-30-2-30pm                                                          

27 May Sat      Guiseley brass Band             2-4pm                         

28 May Sun     Chevin Jazz                            2-4pm             

3 June Sat     Hornados sax                                     12-3pm            

4 June Sun       Mark Gregory singer                        11-1pm            

4 June Sun       Unity Ukes                              1-3pm 

8 June Thurs   Buttercross Belles Morris Dancers 7-30PM                        

9 June Friday   Fairfax Singers                                  2-3pm              

10 June Sat      Ten Fields                               12-30-4pm                 

11 June sun     Timewarp band                     2-4pm             

17 June Sat      Guiseley Jazz                           2-4pm             

18 June Sun     Fresh Aire Band                   2-4pm             

24 June Sat      The Sheds 60’s songs           1-3pm                                   

25 June Sun     Hurricane Blue                       2-4pm

30 June Friday Ilkley Cycle Race 1Km       2pm to 10-30pm                                   

1 July   Sat      Route 65 rock                        12-30 to 3pm

2 July Sun       Mustard County                    1-2-30pm       

8 July Sat         Martin House                                     2-4pm                         

9 July Sun        Two Rivers swing                   2-4pm             

15 July Sat       Timewarp ensemble              2-4pm                         

16 July Sun      Two Rivers sax/woodwind   2-4pm                         

22 July Sat       Guiseley Jazz                          11-1pm          

22 July Sat       Noteability Con Band           2-4pm                                     

23 July Sun      Bradford Con Band               2-4pm 

25 July Tues     Age NO Concern band             11-12noon                          

29 July Sat       Jazz lyrical                               11-12                          

30 July Sun      Anchor big band                    2-4pm                         

5 Aug Sat        Stray Horn Sax                       2-4pm                                     

6 Aug Sun        April Grimes singer                1-3pm                         

12 Aug Sat       Daisymen                                1-2pm             

13 Aug Sun      Dct Bob bluesmakers                        12.30-4.30pm            

19 Aug Sat       Timewarp band                     2-4pm                         

20 Aug Sun      Soul Jazz 2                              11-4pm                       

26 Aug Sat       Guiseley Jazz                           2-4pm             

27 Aug Sun     Hurricane Blue                       2-4pm                         

2 Sept Sat        Noteability C Band                2-4pm                                      

3 Sept Sun      Soul Jazz 2                              11-4pm           

9 Sept Sat        New Horizons D band           2-4pm s                      

10 Sept Sun     Fresh Aire Band                    2-4pm             

16 Sept Sat      Mark Gregory singer                        1-3pm              

17 Sept Sun                 Hurricane Blue                       2-4pm                         

23 Sept Sat      Guiseley Jazz                           2-4pm                        

24 Sept Sun    Salsa Como loco                               11-1pm          

30 Sept Sat      Clifton Lightcliffe Main         2-4pm                        

1 Oct   Sun       Hornados Sax                                   11-3pm                      


Moornotes and Hornadoes around Christmas   Town lights 25 Nov approx.