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Bandstand: Ilkley Bandstand 2000 Trust

Please be advised that due to the Queen's death and as a matter of due respect the events from 10 to the 20 Sept are cancelled.Bands have been informed and activites. Notices's are placed on theNotice Board and Bandstand.


The Bandstand is located in the centre of Ilkley. It is on the southern side of The Grove which is a picturesque tree lined street of elegant shops and is directly opposite Betty's famous tearooms. The Bandstand is surrounded by well kept gardens with permanent seating for those wishing to enjoy the performance.

Ilkley bandstand

It is available for use by musical groups of all kinds or any other suitable organisations. For example, Macmillan and Marie Curie Fund Raising events or Scout Parades. For those wishing to use this popular venue, please contact Tony Gilroy on 01943 609 077.

Ilkley bandstand

The Bandstand was conceived as a millenium project by the two Rotary Clubs of Ilkley and completed in 2001. The site was generously donated by the Ilkley Abbeyfield Society and both organisations, together with Ilkley Parish Council retain a keen interest as Trustees. An active management committee of volunteers run the bandstand and gardens on a day to day basis. They aim to provide appropriate entertainment for residents and visitors alike.


Ilkley Bandstand 2000 Trust     Charity 1083825

Ilkley Bandstand  2 May 3pm

World renowned singer with an impromptu  extra date on her tour at ILKLEY.

“ Singer songwriter Jessica Lee Morgan will be hosting Ilkley Fringe on the Ilkley Bandstand this May 2nd - Bank Holiday Monday afternoon.

Jessica is a singer-songwriter accompanied by Christian Thomas on bass. 

She last played in Ilkley in 2019 at The Black Hat and Ilkley Carnival.  

Jessica is delighted to revisit during a break from supporting Robyn Hitchcock on tour, she has recently supported and played in the band with Tony Visconti's Best of Bowie up and down the UK and comes prepared with songs of her own and other classic songs you'll know and love. 

She invites other music makers to join her on the bandstand 3pm onwards,  open mic / unplugged / semi acoustic / etc..Whatever you’d like to do….however we won’t have PA capacity for a full band..

Please let us know…if you fancy coming along to play…Jim 07974436686 "

Picture https://www.dropbox.com/s/dx4pd6s8zgv4nf5/Jessica-Lee-Morgan-by-Christian-Thomas-7.jpg?dl=0

Video   https://youtu.be/7E_zTP0s0wM

Website   https://jessicaleemorgan.com/

Preview YouTube video Waiting To Leave - Jessica Lee Morgan  

bandstand2022 1  bandstand2022


Ilkley Bandstand 2 May 2022

Jessica Lee Morgan performance on the Bandstand

Carnival was great also the Ilkley fringe at the Ilkley bandstand on the Grove at 3pm Sunday.

At very short notice, during her tour of UK we arranged the 3pm session for Jessica Lee Morgan daughter of Mary Hopkins "  those were the days," and base player .

Although the crowd returning from the carnival gathered the rains came but those that stayed enjoyed a great performance of her work for over 1.5 hrs .

Webpage: https:// jessicaleemorgan.com/

Bands List 2022   

March 19            Community painting project     9am-5pm                                  

    26                    Community event                         12-30-6pm

April 23               Get together   Earth day              12-30-6pm

May 1                  The Shed Acoustic guitars           12-1pm

May 2                   Jessica Lee Morgan                         3pm     prestigious singer calling during Uk tour.

May 7 Saturday  Guiseley Jazz Band                        2-4pm

8 Sunday

14 Sat                

15 Sun                Mustard county                              2-4pm

21                        Jazz Lyrical Band                            11am-1pm

21                        Hurricane Blue                               2-4pm                      

22                        White Rose Band                           2-4pm


29                        Exception rock,  Strawmen,

                           Moving Aire                                    11-4pm

JUne 2                 Skipton Tango                                  2-6pm    New  

june 4                 Guiseley Brass Band                        2-4pm   GREAT BAND

June 5                 Queens Jubilee                              12-5pm

11                        Ben Rhydding Clarinets                2-4pm

12                        Betty’s Bike Race                       10am-4pm

18                        Martin House band event              2-4pm

19                        2 Rivers swing band                      12-4pm

25                        Spa Sax Quartet group                  2-4pm

26                        Flying Funk                                      2-4pm

July 1                   ICC cycling in Town                       12-1pm

2                          Clifton and Lightcliffe Band          2-4pm

3                          Chevin Jazz Group                        12-2pm

9                          Soul Jazz 2 Group                          11-3pm

10                        Otley Brass Band                            2-4pm

16                        Notability Band                              2-4pm

17                        Hotaire band                                   2-4pm

23                      Daisymen                                        11-1pm

23                        2 Rivers Concert Band                    2-4pm

24                        Guiseley Jazz                                   2-4pm

30                        Timewarp Group                             1-4pm

31                        2 Rivers small Group                      2-4pm

August   6

7                           Timewarp Group                            1-4pm

13                         Guiseley Jazz Band                         2-4pm   

14                         Dctr Bob Band Group                     2-4pm

20                         Stray Horns Sax Group                   2-4pm

21                         Jazz Festival                               11am-4pm

27                         Hurricane Blue band                     2-4pm

28                         Saxology Group                              2-4pm

Sept 3                   Notability Brass Band                   2-4pm

 4                          April Green singer                       12-4pm

 10                       New Horizons Dance Band            2-4pm

11                        Guiseley Jazz Band                         2-4pm

17                        Salsa Como loco Group                11-4pm

18                        Hurricane blue Group                   2-4pm

 24                       Clifton and Lightcliffe Band           2-4pm


Oct     8               Mc MIllan Homes event                9-1pm

 10                       closing for winter