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Music: Wharfbeat

A group of musicians have spent much time putting together a comprehensive history of the music scene in Ilkley in the 1960's. Many hours were spent at Ilkley public library researching back copies of the Gazette to ensure that all information on the website is correct. Many musicians from that era were interviewed and were encouraged to give their own account of that period. The website is not for profit.

We would like folk who were around in that period to give us their memories and also musicians to send their recollections along with photographs so we can expand the website. The website is dedicated to Brian Bailey of Ilkley who died in 2013. Brian was probably the most prominent rock and blues singer in the Wharfe Valley - his career spanned over 50 years. All the authors of the website played in bands with Brian.

Please visit our website www.wharfbeat.co.uk