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Castle Yard, Church Street, Ilkley LS29 9DT
Tel: 07480 064 142
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Website: http://www.ilkleymanorhouse.org/

Ilkley Manor House is through the archway by the pedestrian lights on Church Street (A65), next to All Saints' Parish Church. It stands in an area called Castle Yard; you can visit our various neighbours too!


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The House
Ilkley Manor House is a precious historic asset built within the Roman Fort's footprint, making it a rare Grade 1 listed building on top of a designated Ancient Monument.

The Museum
Step into the Heritage Room on the ground floor and journey through time with our diverse collection of artefacts. We have everything - from the Neolithic period to the Roman conquest, Medieval times to the Victorian era. Our impressive collection is of national significance. It includes treasures such as the Vedica tombstone dedicated to a British woman who lived at Olicana with her Roman soldier husband, and the Verbeia altar, dedicated to the goddess of the River Wharfe. And don't miss the chance to meet Marcus Antonius, our new resident Roman soldier - he's eager to say 'salve'!

The Solar Gallery
Upstairs, you'll find our art gallery. Immerse yourself in the vibrant showcase of stunning local art and craftsmanship. With each piece expertly curated, the gallery provides a fascinating glimpse into the local area's creative talent. From paintings to jewellery, there is a wide range of beautifully crafted items available for purchase, including cards, notebooks, scarves, and more.

For more info: https://www.facebook.com/solargalleryilkley

Western Gallery

For those seeking a space to host events or exhibitions, the Western Gallery is a versatile and stylish option. With plenty of room to accommodate concerts, conferences, and private functions, it's the perfect spot for your next big event. Plus, the entire House is available for hire, making it an ideal venue for weddings, markets, and fairs.

For more info: https://www.ilkleymanorhouse.org/room-hire/

Education and Family-Friendly Fun
We recently underwent an audit by Kids in Museums, which has inspired us to enhance our family-friendly experience. We've added fidget toys at the front door, toddler steps and sanitary products in our loos, and a dressing-up rail in the Heritage Room. Our new school trip program will educate students about all aspects of history, including the fascinating Roman period. We offer tailored educational services for school and youth groups, including workshops focused on local history.

For more info: https://www.ilkleymanorhouse.org/contact/

History of the House and Site
Dating back to the late 14th century, the Manor House is one of the oldest buildings in Ilkley and West Yorkshire. Did you know that it was also built on the site of the Roman fort of Olicana? The Romans abandoned the fort around 400 AD, but you can still see part of the Western defensive wall on the grounds north of the House. Keep an eye out for the plaque marking the Northern gateways into the fort!

During the Medieval period, the Manor House played a crucial role in the town, housing important manorial records like court documents. Although we have yet to determine precisely who lived here during that time, we do know that it was a hub of activity and importance. Today, you can learn about the House's fascinating history and the local area through our interpretation boards around the House and garden. Come and explore!

Want to learn more? Come and chat with us when the House is open, or check out the info here: https://www.ilkleymanorhouse.org/history-of-the-manor-house/

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