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Heartstart - Ilkley in Wharfedale

"Heartstart - Ilkley in Wharfedale" is an Initiative affiliated to the British Heart Foundation to promote and develop Emergency Life Support (ELS) training for the communities of Burley and Ilkley.

About 330,000 people a year suffer a heart attack. It only takes a few minutes for irreversible brain damage to occur after a person has stopped breathing or their heart has stopped.

We can teach you how to keep the casualty alive long enough for the emergency services to arrive. Training takes about 2 hours and covers:-

1. general care of a casualty including procedures for obtaining help;

2. dealing with an unconscious person who is breathing;

3. giving rescue breathing;

4. performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation;

5. dealing with choking;

6. dealing with serious and life threatening bleeding;

7. dealing with a suspected heart attack victim.

Training is free and courses are offered, courtesy of the Parish Church in Burley-in -Wharfedale and of the owners of the Craiglands Hotel in Ilkley. For details of forthcoming courses please contact the Administrator, Mr. Robert Auty ( 59 Sandholme Drive, Burley-in-Wharfedale, tel. 01943 864 423 )

Can you afford not to accept this offer?

Current news:

To date about 200 local residents have been trained in Life Support Techniques and seven of these have been certified as trainers by the British Heart Foundation and the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service.

Following a successful fundraising campaign, two defibrillators [ equipment which greatly enhances the survival potential of heart attack victims ] have been purchased for location in the vicinity of the Central Car Park in Ilkley.

Details will be published shortly on this web-page.


Last updated 09 May 2007