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French: Wharfedale French Club

The Club Francophone du Wharfedale, affiliated to the Alliance Française ('AF'), was set up in 1994 and aims to promote the French language and culture within the area.

The format of the Club evening is usually a speaker or an informal social activity.  We draw on a list of experienced speakers in order to provide an interesting and varied programme for our members and organise a meal for the January meeting to which members can bring their family or friends. Although members are encouraged to speak in French, fluency is definitely not a pre-requisite for joining the Club! Our members' proficiency in the language is varied and all visitors are made very welcome whatever their level of spoken French.


Les réunions en 2021 seront par Zoom, commençant à 19h30

mercredi 15 septembre        Trois Français: Zidane, Coluche et l’Abbé Pierre
                                                    avec Vincent Raymond-Barker*

mardi 12 octobre                   Jouons! Soirée de quiz et de jeux

mercredi 17 novembre         La France, vue de loin et de près
                                                   avec Claude Rapport*

mardi 14 décembre               Soirée de Noël



 Si possible, les réunions en 2022 auront lieu à St John’s à 19h30 ; sinon, par Zoom. Les réunions indiquées par * seront par Zoom mais retransmises à St John’s.

vendredi 14 janvier               Dîner de la Fête des rois (restaurant local)

mardi 22 février                     Aix-en-Provence, ville d’eaux, ville d’art
                                                   avec Emilie Capulet*                   

mercredi 16 mars                  Rallyes des Avions Légers avec un Air Français                                                         
                                                   avec Andrew Lamming

mardi 12 avril                         Histoire du vignoble bordelais
                                                   avec Brigitte Thibaut*

mercredi 18 mai                    Les vies du Musée d’Orsay de Paris
                                                   avec Sue McClay

mardi 14 juin                         Assemblée générale annuelle suivie d’une dégustation estivale  


*avec le généreux soutien de l’Alliance Française de Londres


IF WE ARE ABLE TO MEET AT ST JOHN'S CHURCH IN 2022, the talk or activity usually lasts about an hour with half an hour afterwards for members to socialise and enjoy a free glass of wine or fruit juice.  We also have a wide range of interesting CDs, DVDs and magazines for our members to borrow.
Members and visitors travel from a wide catchment area to attend our monthly meetings which alternate between Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30pm and take place at:  

The Lounge, St John's Church, Ben Rhydding, Ilkley .

Current 2021-22 subscription fees are as follows:
Annual member's fee is £15.00 per person.  If you do not become a member, Zoom evenings are free except for those indicated by an (*) and a £5 fee will be charged.  Students are free of charge.  If we return to meet face-to-face at St John's, visitors will pay £5.00 per visit. 


If you would like more information about the Club and membership/details about access to the Zoom meetings, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.