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Cafe Humanite


Do you enjoy a bit of mental stimulation?

Come and join us at Cafe Humanite for coffee & discussion. We cover a wide range of topics & our programme runs from October to May.


For further information please contact Joe Fitzpatrick  01943 604451


Venues to be confirmed.


2019/20 Series


Programme of talks 2019-20

This is the latest version and it may be subject to change at a later date.
October 16: Dr Michel Travin of Leeds University on 'The Universal Vulnerable Subject'
November 20:  Joe Fitzpatrick on 'The problem of knowledge - Descartes, Hume, Kant and Wittgenstein'
January 15:  Dr Jessica Isserow of Leeds University on 'An analysis of hypocrisy and blame'
February 19:  to be arranged
March 18:  Dr Kersten Hall of Leeds University on a philosophy of science subject (precise title later)
April 15:  to be arranged
May 20: Dr Jamie Boulding of Leeds University on the relation of science and religion (precise title later)
The venue is Lower Hall at Christchurch, on the Grove opposite Betty's Cafe; tea and coffee will be served from 7.30 pm and talks will begin at 8.00 pm.  


Please note that some dates  are liable to change.  Please confirm with Joe Fitzpatrick or check back here.