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We are currently recruiting volunteers for the ‘Walk from Home’ service whilst publicising the service for those older people who may need to access the project.

The Walk from Home Project is an exciting project that aims to improve the health, confidence and well-being of older people.
Older people can often lose confidence after having a fall or following a period of illness which can result in them becoming housebound.
This can have an impact on their physical and mental wellbeing by reducing mobility and leaving them isolated.
How does it work?
Walk from Home works by matching each person with a volunteer. Volunteers provide encouragement and take the person on a short walk.
Walks are tailored to suit the ability of the individual person and geared to gently increase confidence and physical fitness.
Walk from Home aims to gradually build up the confidence of the person so eventually they are able to venture out unaccompanied or feel confident enough to join other appropriate activities that will promote their independence and reduce isolation.

More information is available in the leaflet which you can download here  (PDF 500k).