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Olicana Historical Society Programme 2023-2024

The Olicana Historical Society, which is affiliated to the Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society, arranges an annual winter programme of lectures on a variety of subjects of both general and local historical interest.

Meetings are being held in The Clarke Foley Centre Cunliffe Road ,Ilkley, The third Thursday of the month September to May  starting at 7.30pm. 

Just come along to a meeting if you wish to join 


21st September 2023 : David Scrimgeour “ Yorkshire’s Watermen Project “

19th October : Mike Turpin “ The Forgotten War in Yorkshire. English Civil War

Battles in 1642 / 1643 “

16th November : Dr Emma Storr “ Factories and Fevers - 19th Century Child Health “

21st December : Alex Gibson “ Prehistoric Pottery, the First 3000 Years “

18th January 2024 : David Turner “ A Navvy’s Life for Me. The Barden Moor Reservoirs

and The People Who Built Them “

15th February : Jane Abramson “ Friar’s Tuck. The Story of Medieval Monks’ Diet “

21st March : Dr Edward Impey “ The History of Ilkley Manor House “

18th April : Dr Rachael Unsworth “ What a lot of Terracotta ! Architectural Ceramics in
Leeds - Victorian and Modern “
Following the conclusion of the talk on 18th April, our 69th Annual General Meeting will take place.