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Map Emotional Health Therapy. Offers EFT and effective helping techniques from Complementary Psychology to get you feeling better fast.

Emotional Health is the background on which happiness is painted


We know when we are emotionally healthy: we feel calm, think clearly and act resourcefully. Life is good. We bounce back from the knocks and appreciate the good times. Its like mind and body are working together and we know that the past is to be learned from not lived in.

And then there are times when life gets to us and we feel anxious, compulsive or just plain down. There are times when we drink torelax or eat for comfort and know that there must be a better way. And times when you just can't get a bad memory out of your head or stop an unwanted behaviour.

Emotional Health Therapy is a collection of helpful ideas and effective techniques from complementary psychology including EFT tapping and NLP. I use these techniques in combination, fitting the therapy to the person, and with the intention of getting you to where you want to be by the shortest possible route.

You can see me at Ilkley Healing Centre, call 01943 602177 to make an appointment, or if you would like to speak with me first please call me on 01943 600522. To find out more about me and how I can help and have helped others pleaselook at

And if you would like to train to use these techniques for yourself I run regular training courses in Ilkley, see EFT Training on the website

I look forward to helping you enjoy your life now and be the best of yourself.

Best wishes



Ilkley Healing Centre 8 Nelson Road Ilkley
LS29 8HN
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Gwyneth Moss
Phone: 01943 602177

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